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About us

Who are we?

Bastion Insurance provides white label lifestyle insurance schemes, with particular expertise in mobile phone and gadget insurance schemes where our management team have 20 years’ experience.

Our insurance brands

www.tinhat.co.uk mobile phone insurance

Tinhat Mobile Insurance

Tinhat is our own B2C insurance brand; it was created to bring good old fashioned values and affordable insurance policies straight to the consumer. Since its launch in 2015 , Tinhat has become one of the largest standalone mobile phone and gadget insurance websites in the UK.



DeviceCover is our B2B insurance platform; it allows businesses to sell mobile phone and gadget insurance to their customers at point of sale.

www.devicelife.co.uk extended warranty


DeviceLife is the latest string to the Bastion bow. We created Devicelife to offer affordable and reliable extended warranty cover for mobile phones and gadgets.




Why partner with us?


Product tailoring

You know your customers, we know our market. We take an inclusive approach to building products. Benefit from our experience and expertise.

White labelling

Re-brand options available across the customer journey, fully supporting your brand.

Bespoke claims solutions

Claims process can be designed in line with your brand ideals ensuring full brand continuity.

Policy administration

Policies, including payments (credit / debit card and Direct Debits) can be fully administered by Bastion, or delegated to you.


Partner with us