Partner Programme

As a member of the Bastion Insurance Partner Programme, you can start selling our insurance to your customers as a standalone product, an optional extra or incorporated as a mandatory service into a current product or service. We can offer a wide range of schemes, via a number of sales channels:

Why Partner With Us?

Product tailoring

You know your customers, we know our market. We take an inclusive approach to building products. Benefit from our experience and expertise.

White Labelling

Re-brand options available across the customer journey, fully supporting your brand.

Bespoke claims solutions

Claims process can be designed in line with your brand ideals ensuring full brand continuity.

Policy administration

Policies, including payments (credit / debit card and Direct Debits) can be fully administered by Bastion, or delegated to you.


Whether you are FCA regulated or not, if you sell gadgets to customers (Consumers or SME’s) we have a solution for you. Offer your customers insurance for their mobile phones or gadgets (mobile phones, laptops, iPads, tablets and more), whilst creating a new and exciting revenue stream.

Not convinced there’s a need for insurance? Did you know…

In Jan 2017 there were 66,200¹ Google searches for Mobile Phone Insurance, and other related keywords. And demand is increasing because that’s a 10% increase on the same period in 2016!* That’s a lot of revenue you’re missing by not offering insurance.

*Based on average monthly searches in Google Keyword Planner Tool for January 2017.

If you’re not offering your customers insurance, then you might be giving away revenue to someone else. Contact our Sales Team for more information or to find out how we can help.

Brokers & Intermediaries

Whether you’re looking to offer mobile phone / gadget insurance as an add-on / linked to your core policy sales, or whether you’re looking to offer a stand-alone proposition to enhance your portfolio, come and speak to Bastion today.

Bastion offer true flexibility.

Be as hands on or hands off as you like for Policy Administration and Product Design.

With our expert compliance, 20 years market experience and understanding of the FCA’s Thematic Review of mobile phone insurance, you can be confident of a scheme that will deliver the right outcomes for your customers and offer real value.

Why not get in touch and see what we can do?

Employee Benefit Providers

In an increasingly digital world, our reliance on our mobile devices is ever increasing. According to Repsley, mobile phone insurance is the 4th top perk they want as part of any Employee Benefit packages.

With only 25% of UK mobile phone owners having mobile phone insurance, yet 55% admitting they couldn’t go longer than a day without checking their phone, the need for mobile phone insurance is clear.

*research carried out by Onepoll for Nationwide Flex Plus where 2000 UK adults were polled.

If you’re an Employee Benefit Provider, looking to offer mobile phone insurance as part of your package for the first time, or an Employee Benefits Provider with a current package simply looking to compare what’s on offer in the market; why not call us today and see what we can offer you?